Great Sleep For Great Adventures

Sleeping on a Nolah mattress will empower you to experience fulfilling days :) That’s our mission and pledge to our customers!

Sleep to Live the Days

Your fulfilling days are why we put our efforts into creating innovative foam beds that improve sleep. A night full of rest creates great possibilities for successful days, fun days, or days of wilderness adventures. Resting each night allows your body to recuperate from the day and prepare for the next day to come. It’s nearly impossible for your body to focus on recovery if it is distracted by pain or discomfort that can come from sleeping on the wrong mattress. Great sleep leads to great adventures, and great sleep starts with the right mattress.

Great sleep leads to great adventures, and great sleep starts with the right mattress.

A night full of healthy rest means your body will have more energy during the day to accomplish the things you need to get done, as well as some extra energy to do the things you want. Healthy sleep revolves around routine, so if you’re striving for the most energy out of your days, go to bed and wake up at the same time each night and day. This creates a pattern that your body will recognize, anticipate, and utilize.

Fuel your days - We call it "Nolah Days"

Once your body is accustomed to healthy sleep (which only takes a night or two), you can take on the world! Explore the outdoors by going for a hike after work. Challenge yourself to start something new by learning the piano. Spend some quality time with loved ones, and do something fun together. There are so many possibilities when you aren’t focused on your tiredness. Whether you choose a wilderness adventure or a new hobby, you’ll appreciate your energy for great adventures after you’ve just had another night of great sleep.

The Awesome Benefits of the Nolah Mattress

While healthy sleep is the most important part to having great Nolah Days, we firmly believe the structure of our foam beds help you sleep well. From natural cooling technology (no toxic chemicals!) to a perfect blend between memory foam and latex, the Nolah bed is one worth trying.

Try your Nolah mattress for 120 nights!

How it works: 
  1. Buy the right size foam bed for you, and choose which animal you'd like us to sponsor on your behalf.
  2. We'll cover the shipping costs and make a speedy delivery to your front door.
  3. Try it out for four months!
  4. If you're not happy at 120 nights (but at least try it for 30), then we'll completely refund your purchase, pick up the bed from your home (no additional cost), and recycle it or donate it to a local charity.

Are you ready to live a life full of great adventures? 

Start your Nolah Days now!