The Nolah Foam

The value of Nolah Sleep’s foam mattress in a box is unbeatable. It’s the foam that is our differentiator from the large factory brand mattresses. While there are many different types of foam mattresses on the market, there are few that compare to technology of Nolah Sleep’s innovative, proprietary foam mattress.

Nolah Sleep’s foam mattress is constructed with microscopic air pockets that give sleepers both comfort and support. It is created to satisfy all sleeping preferences.

More bouncy and springy than Latex

The tiny air pockets fit together in such a way that they are able to bounce support from one pocket to the next in order to balance the pressure. The mattress is designed to initially cushion weight and then provide support. It incorporates the spring technology of traditional mattresses with the comfort, form fitting technology of traditional foam to give users the best of both worlds. Each microscopic pocket forms specifically to the body part it touches; that is how Nolah Sleep can give comfort and support to different sleep styles.

4x time better pressure relief than high-end Memory Foam

Our studies have shown that creating a mattress with microscopic air pockets leads to four times less pressure on the hip and back areas when compared to other types of foam mattresses. The relieved pressure will result in long-term physical wellness.

Moreover, the tiny air pockets in the foam are not altered by temperature. Many traditional foam mattresses form to the body when exposed to heat. Our innovative technology is not sensitive to temperature which allows our mattresses to work the same no matter the time of year. Further, since the microscopic air pockets do not trap heat, the mattress remains cooler as a whole.

Great sleep leads to great adventures, and great sleep starts with a Nolah Sleep foam mattress in a box.