Geocaching Is Good For The Body & Brain

Great adventures begin with a great night of sleep, and it’s Nolah’s personal mission to ensure Great adventures begin with a great night of sleep, and it’s Nolah’s personal mission to ensure that we give you the tools to achieve great sleep so you can conquer the world’s best wilderness adventures. The best part of this is that you don’t have to be an epic adventurer to enjoy the wilderness. There are so many different types of adventures that you can take; the possibilities are endless. Today, though, we’re going to focus on a wilderness adventure that will take you anywhere you want to go - geocaching. So get a good night’s rest and then have some fun!


If you enjoy hunting for treasure, you will love geocaching.

You’ll need to register for a free account on the Geocaching website and grab a GPS. You can also download the Official Geocaching app from Apple’s App Store, Google play, or Windows Phone Store.

The world of geocaching is one that has hidden treasures throughout the world. Anyone with a GPS can play the game, and it’s interactive for the entire geocaching community. A geocache is any type of item that is placed in a certain spot, logged using the GPS, and submitted to Geocaching. Since anyone can create a geocache, it can be an item such as an easy-to-spot big box full of knick-knacks representing the local scene or something that camouflages with the environment that makes it very tough to find.

Start by logging into your account so the app can determine your location. Then, use the GPS feature of the app or note the GPS coordinates of the geocache you’re trying to find before you leave on the wilderness adventure. The GPS will lead you around the area, but you have to be the one to find the geocache that is left by previous users. Once you find the geocache, record your name in the log book and make notes on your online account. You can even bring your own treasure to exchange with the one left in the geocache you just found.

The fun is endless with geocaching because there are over 2 million geocaches worldwide at varying difficulties, so you can take on a treacherous task alone or bring along the entire family.

Enjoy your wilderness adventures!