5 Ways To Tell If You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

The 5 ways to tell if you're not getting enough sleep. Your mood is out of control. Your productivity is declining. You are gaining weight. You lack a desire to look your best. Your judgement is decreasing.The way I feel when I roll out of bed after a great night of sleep is one of the best feelings in the world. It is this feeling that drove us to create Nolah and to make great sleep accessible for everyone. Sleep and health are closely related. There are many ways to tell if you’re not getting enough sleep; here are five of the most popular side effects that people face when sleep is not a priority.

Your mood is out of control.

Have you been asked a simple question, snapped back with an irrational answer, and then wondered why you answered in such a snippy way? This uncontrolled mood is a natural response for a tired brain.

Your productivity is declining.

Well-rested minds are sharp and quick. A tired mind takes longer to process tasks, even simple tasks that are done daily. On days following a night of bad sleep, do your best to drink more water and eliminate distractions.

You are gaining weight.

Sleep keeps your body energized. A higher metabolism rate allows your body to use more energy for simple tasks such as breathing and walking. A tired body means lower metabolism; lower metabolism means more weight gain.

You lack a desire to look your best.

A tired person may just look at himself in the mirror and decide that it’s not worth it to shower in the morning. You should sleep and shower. Your friends will thank you.

Your judgement is decreasing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent study found that folks who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to fall asleep during the day or nod off while driving.

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