Get To Movin’!

The only way to explore the world is to get up and move! First Lady Michelle Obama has pushed everyone to live a more active lifestyle and develop good healthy habits through her program Let’s Move! With a goal to raise a new generation of healthy Americans, Obama encourages children and adults to move, play, and exercise at least 60 minutes per day. Physical activity is just one way that people can live a healthier lifestyle.

Get Movin’

In cooperation with Let’s Move!, President Obama created the President’s Challenge, a collection of activity challenges for everyone - whether you’re new to the active lifestyle, a weekend warrior, a trained athlete, a gym teacher, or a kid.

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+) Challenge

Geared toward anyone at all levels of fitness and any type of diet, the PALA+ strives to increase the frequency of your physical activity and the moderation of healthy food in your diet. Get to movin’ for 30 minutes per day, at least five days per week; kids, go outside and play for 60 minutes per day, at least five days per week.

The President gives examples of plenty of activities from which you can choose:

  • Archery
  • Bicycling
  • Bowling
  • Children’s games (Tag, Hide ‘n’ Seek, Capture the Flag)
  • Hockey
  • Home repair/household tasks
  • Track and field
  • Video games - activity promoting
  • Walking
There are so many activities that you’ll just have to check out the entire list when you register.

Do it!

You can sign up online to take one of the many challenges, and if you accomplish your challenge, then you get to shop through the Presidential Active Lifestyle Awards and gear, so for what are you waiting?