Tips To Help Cut Out The “Junk Sleep”

The challenges of growing healthy children are abundant if you’re not careful. There are thousands of distractions sidetracking from learning, unhealthy junk foods beckoning for oral cavities, newly released movies burrowing children inside the home, and the latest technology engaging young minds much later than bedtime. When it comes to creating a strong foundation for a healthy, fun, productive day, parents should start by focusing on these tips for better sleep.

By eliminating “junk sleep” (a term used to describe sleep that is distracted or interrupted, especially caused by digital technology), children - anyone, really - will sleep peacefully, allowing more brain power to fuel the days ahead. 

Four Tips To Cut The Junk Sleep

No Digital Media One Hour Before Bedtime

The harmful blue light awakens the brain that is trying to produce melatonin to help sleep. It confuses the brain into thinking it’s daytime. Turn off the TV, computers, and phones one hour before bedtime.

Create a Digital Charging Station

By keeping all cell phones and tablets out of the bedroom, children will not wake to late-night texts. Charge all devices away from the bedroom for uninterrupted sleep.

The Bedroom Should Be Media Free

Take out the TV and computer. It’s not necessary in the bedroom, unless for a special occasion.

Lead By Example.

Children are likely to follow in your footsteps if you’re living a digital-free life prior to bedtime. It’s good for your health, too!

Do you have anymore tips for better sleep that you’d like to share?