Sleep Positions Can Help Health Ailments

Do you have that one comfortable sleeping position that is sure to make you fall asleep immediately after you close your eyes? Maybe you subconsciously choose one sleeping position over another because of different health symptoms you’re trying to avoid. So whether you rest in the flat-on-the-back-stiff-as-a-board position, the curled-into-a-ball-on-the-best-side-of-the-bed position, or the face-in-the-pillow-stomach-smashing position, Nolah’s mattresses comfort and support sleepers in all positions.

Health Remedies of Different Sleep Styles

Bodily pains are frequent in many people. Sometimes these pains are caused by your sleep style. Other times, the pains can be relieved by changing a sleep position, even if it was not initially caused by the preferred sleeping style.

Back, Knee, Shoulder, or Hip Pain

Sleeping on your back or side is the best position for people with these main joint or back problems. The goal is to nurture the natural curve of the spine and avoid the injured areas. When sleeping on your back, it is best to sleep on a thin pillow as well as with a small pillow or foam roller under the knees. Side sleepers should place a pillow lengthwise between the legs to keep weight evenly distributed. There are pillow shapes made just for this purpose! To avoid shoulder or hip pain, simply sleep on the unaffected side.


Do you suffer from the annoying cringe of pain through your heart? Heartburn is caused by the inability for the top of the stomach to fully close which lets stomach acid seep into the esophagus. Lie on your left side to prevent heartburn waking you from sleep because the angle for the acid to creep into the esophagus is sharp, which decreases pain.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog which will share the effects of snoring and how different sleep positions on Nolah mattresses can, indeed, help you get a better night’s rest so you are fully prepared for a day full of adventures.