Hit the Long-Distance Trails for #WildernessWednesday

There are few wilderness adventures that compete with hiking and camping in the great outdoors. The beauty of hiking and camping is it can happen in any location, within any climate, and during any season. There are always fun and exciting challenges when exploring on foot. So for today’s #WildernessWednesday, we’re taking you across three different exquisite hiking trails in three different areas of the United States. Are you ready for another epic adventure?

The Colorado Trail

Right in Nolah’s backyard climb the Rocky Mountains. The Colorado Trail is a hiking adventure on nearly every native’s bucket list, and we recommend adding it to yours as well. The 28-segment hike connects Denver to Durango, a 484.9 mile journey with an additional 83.2 mile side route through the Collegiate West Trail. There are backpacking spots, car camping spots, and RV camping spots at different locations, making this journey accessible to all levels of wilderness adventurers. The Colorado trail is part of the greater Continental Divide Trail that traverses the entire Rocky Mountain Continental Divide Range.

The Appalachian Trail

Do you dream of exploring the east coast of the US on foot? The Appalachian Trail, commonly known to locals as the AT, connects Springer Mountain in Georgia and ends at Mount Katahdin in Maine. The 2,184 mile trail is one of the longest, most diverse trails in the nation, allowing explorers to adventure through natural wilderness, cross many rivers, and tour towns. The bravest adventurers continue internationally through the Appalachian Range until it ends at the Atlantic Ocean.

The Appalachian Trail, The Continental Divide Trail, and The Pacific Crest Trail (which will be discussed in our #WildernessWednesday blog next week) are known as the Triple Crown to long-distance hikers who are always seeking the next best wilderness adventure.