Turning Good Health Habits into Better Ones

There are plenty of great resources available to us on the web that have lots of great tips for creating good health habits. Health is a broad spectrum of life that is very important because good health ensures a long and happy life full of doing the things we love. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of sharing the basic tips to improve your health, we’re going to fine tune the most common elements of health to take your good health habits up a notch.

Regain Focus by Walking Backwards

Walking backwards ignites the brain’s fight-or-flight mentality, known as “avoidance.” Walking backwards simulates retreating from a threatening situation and heightens your focus and sharp decision making. All it takes is walking backwards for two minutes to focus your thinking and increase decision making speed.

Burn More Fat by Eating Low-Glycemic Carbs before Hitting the Gym

The body needs energy to successfully workout. Foods such as produce and whole grains are known as low-glycemic carbs. These foods have a slow metabolic rate, so your body slowly paces the energy-use from these foods, allowing the workout to target pesky fat cells. Stay away from sugary drinks or refined foods which your body will burn quickly instead of the fat.

Brush Teeth an Hour after Eating

Has your dentist told you to brush your teeth after every meal? This is a good health habit for oral health, but the trick is to wait an hour between eating and brushing in order to preserve the tooth enamel. Acidic foods soften the enamel, which will brush away if you brush immediately. Instead, rinse your mouth with water immediately following the meal, and then give it a good brush after an hour.