New Age Mattress Shopping

Comparing Shopping at a Mattress Store to Receiving a Mattress in a Box

The great and glorious days of easy shopping are upon us. Whether it’s traveling from shop to shop around town to check off all things from the errand list, heading to a local mall to visit all of our favorite stores in one stop, or simply staying home and shopping online, the truth is that all forms are relatively simple. There are pros and cons to all forms of shopping, so today we’re comparing the different ways to shop for a mattress, the piece of furniture that should make you really want to go to bed at night.

Shopping Around Town

The benefits of visiting the different shops on your errand list are you get to soak up some vitamin D as you head outside, cruise around town and see what’s happening in your community, support local businesses, and get a good feel for the product you need to purchase. When it comes to mattresses, you will likely find yourself shopping with a commission-seeking salesmen as your shadow, pressuring you to purchase a mattress you may not necessarily want. Then, you have to pay for delivery or figure out how to get a large mattress home on your own. Good luck!

Shopping at the Mall

The local mall holds many of the same benefits as shopping at different stores around town, but instead of driving to different locations, you can walk through the halls to the different department stores and browse through mattresses in one fell swoop. These department stores are likely to have the same type of salesmen trying to push you to choose a mattress without leaving the store.

Shopping Online

This new-age shopping style is through the keys of a computer or the touch of a smart device. Luckily, the mattress industry is on top of the game, one that you may not have thought would be available for online shopping. Shopping for a mattress online with Nolah Mattress means you get to learn all about the mattress in the comfort of your home, order the mattress for home delivery (we deliver our mattress in a box), unpack it, sleep on it for 120 nights, and decide if you’d like to keep it forever. The downside to ordering online is that you don’t get to feel it before you buy, but the 120-night trial is our way of off-setting this issue.

What do you think? Do you want to give the a Nolah mattress a try? We vote for shopping online - what’s your favorite method of shopping?

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