#WildernessWednesday On The Pacific Crest Trail

Transform the way you view the world when you encounter one of the toughest hikes in the United States, the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This exploration continues along the same path (figuratively, not literally - this is in a different part of the country, after all!) as last week’s #WildernessWednesday blog which took you along the Colorado Trail and Appalachian Trail, two other long-distance hiking trails that explore our beautiful country. As always, don’t forget to #FuelYourDays before your epic wilderness adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail

Imagine trekking along one of the most beautiful, breathtaking terrains in the United States and also venturing into two more countries. PCT travelers move along the crests of the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges. Get that passport certified because you’re heading from Mexico to Canada along the west coast of North America.

How Long Is The Trail?

The exact distance of the trail is unknown since many people take a few different jaunts along the way; however, the estimated distance, within 10 miles, is 2,650 miles. That is quite the feat to accomplish (pun intended). There are many trail books that can help guide you step-by-step, but one thing is for sure: You’ll want some experience with backpacking prior to heading out on this wilderness adventure.

Where Does The Trail Go?

From its southern point in Mexico to the northern edge in Canada, PCT travelers will find astounding views and impeccable places that only a hiker can ever encounter as they move through California, Oregon, and Washington.

This Hike Is Epic

This is the only journey in North America in which a person can encounter six of the seven ecozones on our continent including both rainforests and deserts. Are you up for the challenge?

Are you ready to hike part of or the entire Pacific Crest Trail? Visit the PCT website and invest in some good maps and books. You’ll need them for a truly wonderful wilderness adventure!

Are you looking for a PCT teaser? The featured image is taken from the Sierra Mountain Range.