Sign Up For A Summer Softball League

We are always trying to find new, good health habits to infuse into our lives. As new parents, it’s been rather difficult to get to the gym or out for a long run. As such, we’ve realized that the tiredness we feel because of our baby is enabled by our inactivity, and our bodies are beginning to show signs of real fatigue. Then, it struck me. We should sign up for a softball league.

We haven’t done it yet, but I wanted to share this post with you all to make sure you had enough notice to get signed up for your leagues, too.

Summer Softball Leagues = Awesome Idea

After a quick bout of thinking, I realized that there are three great aspects to joining a summer softball team: exercise, camaraderie, and sunshine.


Softball gets us moving so that we don’t spend every waking moment lounging around the house “because we have a baby.” That alone is a good enough reason to add softball to our list of good health habits.


The unique aspect of playing softball as a good health habit is the team. You aren’t out there working alone to pitch, hit, catch, run, and score. That’s what your teammates are for! I anticipate making plenty of great friends this summer as we all join together to win some games (or not!) as we step up to the plate and enjoy the fun.


Vitamin D is your friend. Playing in the summer sun can be quite the mood booster. Don’t forget the sunscreen because that’ll wear you out before you get started. Good thing ball caps are part of the uniform.

We’ll sign up for a league through the City of Denver, so you should visit your local city’s webpage to find a league by you. Are you pumped? We are! Enjoy softball as one of your good health habits during the summer of 2016.