Make The Best Of Birdwatching

Birdwatching, casually called birding, is a fantastic way to get outside for a spectacular wilderness adventure. Birding requires a calm person who is patient and observant. Birdwatchers join the birds’ environment to watch as they are continuously fleeting through the trees, talking to one another, and simply living their lives. There is so much to learn about birding, but the beauty of this adventure is anyone can do it, and one can do it anywhere.

Getting Started With Birdwatching

If you’re a novice birder, look into your local birding club or Audubon chapter. This is a great resource to connect with other people who share your new hobby. They can provide hotspots that have good bird showings, share information about the different native species, and help you report what you see to help improve the birding community.

Finding Local Hotspots

Depending where you live, there may be many bird hotspots or only a few. You may have to travel to see unique birds, or they may be flying through your backyard every day. Birdwatching Daily has a local birdwatching hotspot finder online if you’re not yet keen on sharing your hobby with the local club.

Learn About Species

After you’ve been out in the field a time or two, you’ll begin to recognize different species. Birdwatching Daily recommends this tip for beginning to identify different bird species.
“The first thing that registers in the mind upon seeing a bird is the combination of size and color. As a frame of reference, consider three birds common to virtually everyone: a sparrow, robin, and crow. When a bird pops into view, you might say, ‘It’s a gray robin-size bird’ or ‘The bird I saw was about sparrow-size and blue.’”

Report Information

The birdwatching community relies heavily on the information that fellow birders collect during observations. There are so many birds out there to watch and only a handful of folks dedicated to reporting on their behavior. Sharing your information with the local Audubon chapter will help improve the birdwatching community overall.

Take your time as you explore this new wilderness adventure. You’ll love what you find!