A Quick Overview About Basic Bird Dogs

Last week, our #WildernessWednesday blog took us out into the wilderness to observe birds. Bird watching mixed with our love for dogs led us to today’s (and next week’s) wilderness adventure: teaching your pup to be a bird dog.

Bird watching and bird hunting are similar hobbies, though one of them results in observing and the other in eating.

What Is Bird Hunting?

Bird hunting is a great outdoor sport where you, your buddies, and your dogs get to explore the wilderness, shoot some guns, and hopefully bring home some meat to feed the family. The best bird dogs are any retriever or pointer, brittany, beagle, Spanish water dog, English springer spaniel, or fox terrier.

What Does The Bird Dog Do?

Bird dogs walk the field in front of you to kick up fowl for you to shoot, and then they retrieve the fallen bird and bring it back to you. If you’re hunting waterfowl, you can train your dog to retrieve the bird from the water.

Don’t Forget You Have A Puppy

An important thing to remember when training a bird dog is that you can’t turn on the bird dog habits. You’ll have a bird dog wherever you go, or conversely, you’ll have a misbehaving dog forever. The habits you instill at a young age can either lead to a life full of dedicated hunting or of a rascal dog who wants to rip, tear, and play with the only duck you’ve shot all week. Be intentional with your training, and be patient with your dog.

Get Some Rest

A good night’s rest is important before you head out for a day of dog training or hunting so that you are focused, your dog doesn’t test your patience (more than usual during training), and you don’t shoot anything without purpose.

Stay tuned for next week’s wilderness adventure blog where we’ll go into detail about the basic training for a great bird dog.