Do You Have “Your Side of the Bed?”

A quick poll around the office found that there are many different opinions about the best side of the bed. Sleep statistics are everywhere, so we took to our trusted coworkers to find out which side of the bed is most commonly occupied.

We asked: On which side of the bed do you sleep? Picture yourself lying on the bed looking at the ceiling.

Why is it that couples tend to choose a side of the bed? It’s likely that choosing a side of the bed is the rule rather than the exception. Does the poll reflect this hypothesis?

The people answered.
  • 45 percent sleep on the left side.
  • 36 percent sleep on the right side.
  • 4 percent sleep in the middle. 
  • 15 percent sleep everywhere.

Some of the funny responses included, “Well, it depends where my dog is sleeping,” and “I thrash around all night, so I guess that’s everywhere!” One person even “decided to forgo a bed entirely, which can be awesome and kind of like Tarzan.”

Little did we know at the start of this poll that where you sleep on the bed can say a lot about different life factors.

There are many husbands in the office who don’t care which side of the bed it is so long as he is closest to the door to protect his wife from intruders, while others retorted that they have the same mentality but have to sleep closest to the window to protect from the glass burglars. Other husbands gave a reply along the lines of “whichever my wife isn’t on.” Shoutout to the husbands, wives, they care about your sleep and health!

How do you fall into these sleep statistics? We can’t wait to learn more!