The Truth About Drowsy Driving

There have been stories in the news about terrible car accidents that happen when the driver falls asleep at the wheel; even drowsy driving can cause problems. Here we are with more sleep statistics to prove that sleep is essential to the safety and overall health of people everywhere. It’s time to prioritize sleep!

Drowsy Driving Is Like Drunk Driving

One of the most popular ways to compare the effects of drowsy driving is to compare to drunk driving. Decision speed is slowed, focus is blurred, and the mind is distracted.

How Many People Drive Drowsy?

In 2005, the National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll and found that 60 percent of drivers in America older than 18 years have felt drowsy while driving. This is more than 168,000,000 people.

Moreover, 103,000,000 people have actually dozed off while driving; that’s 37 percent of drivers in the US.

It gets worse.

Of the 37 percent who have fallen asleep at the wheel, 13 percent say they are repeat offenders, falling asleep while driving at least once a month.

Now, to get to the sleep statistics about accidents. 4 percent of people who drive have been in an accident or have nearly been in an accident caused by sleeping while driving. That’s more than 11,000,000 people and accidents caused by sleep.

Many of these people who admit to falling asleep fall between the ages of 18 and 29 years, are adults with young children, or are shift workers.

Do we need to share more sleep statistics with you before you believe us that routine sleep patterns are essential to your overall well-being? We hope not, but we’d be happy to continue.

Please get your rest so that you don’t endanger yourself or others on the road. Say no to drowsy driving, and say yes to peaceful sleep in the safety of your bed.