Kayaking With The Orcas

We just stumbled upon one of the coolest wilderness adventures in North America. It’s a four-day sea kayak expedition through the Johnstone Strait or Blackfish Sound off the coast of Vancouver, where wilderness and wildlife are the center of the trip. This orca sea kayaking trip, led by Discovery Expeditions, may require a longer trip than one can accomplish on a typical #WildernessWednesday, but we think this one is sure worth it.

Travel North To Experience A Great Wilderness Adventure

The orca sea kayaking expedition puts you right on the waters of an orca and porpoise migration trail. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see these gigantic mammals up close as you sit in your kayak, watching the mammals surface and swim below your kayak. This sounds incredible! You’ll also get to experience camping in Vancouver’s untouched wilderness.

The Four-Day Journey

According to Discovery Expedition’s website, there are tours for the whole family or for couples and small groups of friends to come together during the orca’s migrating times for four days of kayaking and camping in Canada’s beautiful wilderness.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of busy American life, and take a step into the raw, unfiltered wilderness. There are two professional tour guides who lead you through the waters, and one camp guide will be on land to ensure your base camp is set correctly and food is prepared.

I can’t wait to experience this for myself. It truly sounds like a perfect wilderness adventure or as we like to say a #WildernessWednesday #Nolahdventure.