Things To Do Instead Of Look At Technology

Technology is impressive, captivating, and entertaining. Here at Nolah Sleep, we work in a bit of an ironic industry. As a mattress store that only offers sales online, we definitely take advantage of this incredible, advanced way of digital shopping. However, as a mattress store, we greatly value a good night’s rest, a rest in which technology is constantly disrupting. In order for us to remain in good conscience, we ask that if you’re reading this blog and expect to go to bed within the hour, please bookmark this page to read tomorrow morning, shut down your device, and enjoy some tech-free time.

Your body needs an hour to decompress from technology for at least one hour before going to bed. If you care about your sleep and health, you’ll do these things within an hour of your bedtime instead of stare at any form of technology.

Do These One Hour Before Bedtime


As a child, were you read to before bed each night? For many adults, this trend stops. Cracking open a book and enjoying a good story is a great way to engage your mind before the day ends.

Play A Board Game Or Cards

If you live alone, playing solitaire with a deck of cards is a great way to pass time and decompress. Do you have a family or live with roommates? Pick out a board game to play, or offer a wager for a few quick hands of poker.

Chat With Family

Turning off technology means you get to socialize in person instead of through a media platform. How was your kid’s day at school? Did your wife write about anything awesome today? Once the small talk has passed, invent a story together.

There are so many things you can do in an hour before bed that don’t involve staring at a screen, which are all very beneficial for your sleep and health patterns.