Pack these Energizing Snacks for Your #WildernessWednesday Adventure

Nolah Sleep is all about your health, happiness, and energy. To us, life begins with a night of good sleep. If you’re not well rested, you can’t fully focus on the things that matter to you, such as hiking incredible trails on a #WildernessWednesday adventure, teaching 30 young children in a classroom, or a full day of yard work. The point is that no matter where life takes you each day, it’s important to be energized to experience anything fully. Today on our Facebook page, we shared some of the most dazzling, challenging, and invigorating hikes as a wilderness adventure. To supplement that article, we’re sharing a few of our favorite energizing snacks to keep you powered throughout the day until you can rest again. Are you feeling hungry? Let’s get snackin’.

Energizing Snacks

Our goal is to stay away from the foods labeled as energy boosters, savers, etc. and provide healthy foods that have natural components our body needs to create energy. Largely, focus on foods high in protein and low in sugar.

Almonds and Other Raw Nuts

Snag a bag full of raw nuts, and toss it into your pack for a quick snack along the trail. Almonds seem to have the power of full energy after eating only one. Scientifically, almonds have protein, calcium, iron, and many vitamins that give the body energy without adding too many calories. Other raw nuts spice up the flavor variety and offer many of the same nutrients to keep you walking for miles.

Peanut Butter

Looking for a creamy or crunchy treat that’s a little sweet but mostly healthy? Then, peanut butter should be your go-to snack on a wilderness adventure. Peanut butter, like the almonds, is packed full of protein, fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins with a touch of sugar. Not ready to dig a spoon into the jar for a heaping dollop? Pack a bag of celery and some raisins along with the peanut butter for the kid classic “ants on a log” snack.


If you’re already packing the celery to eat with peanut butter, you may as well throw in a few other delicious vegetables. We love kale chips (simply baked kale), slices of zucchini, and some peppers. We can bet you already know vegetables are good for you, so we won’t try and convince you to pack this snack.

Enjoy your eats as you head out on this week’s wilderness adventure.