Give Dad A Good Night’s Rest This Father’s Day

Fathers often don’t get the credit they deserve. Often overshadowed by the thrilling summer activities and the fact that many fathers play the “silent superhero” role in the family, Father’s Day seems to sneak up on many Americans each year. Whether you’re lollygagging on buying Dad the perfect present because you haven’t found just the right one yet or you simply forgot that it is this Sunday (June 19), it’s time to pick the Nolah mattress in a box right now. Trust us; he’ll love this gift.

Order Online

Our business model challenges the typical American way of buying a mattress. Shopping online for a mattress means you read about Nolah’s awesome, advanced foam mattress, choose the size that you want, and buy it. We’ll ship it to your doorstep right away. That’s it. There are no pesky salesmen breathing down your neck (but maybe your dad will be as he asks you again to clean your room). Our team is still available for customer service questions and comments.

Unpack the Mattress in a Box

Try it for 100 Nights

Should Dad be wary of receiving a mattress as a gift, tell him not to worry. He can sleep on the mattress for 100 nights before making a final decision. If he doesn’t like it after 100 nights, you loving kids can return it for a full refund. We’ll pay shipping and handling both ways.

Love Your Adventures

Our goal as a mattress company is to fuel your adventures. You and Dad can’t do awesome things or go on amazing adventures without a good night’s rest.

Give your dad a unique, thoughtful, and practical gift for Father’s Day. Give him the Nolah mattress in a box.

Happy Father’s Day!