AirFoam™ Vs Latex - Which Mattress is Best for you?

Latex mattresses are popular and considered a natural mattress because some avoid harsh chemicals along with being biodegradable. AirFoam™ is a more advanced mattress because it’s designed and made using modern mattress materials. Allow this AirFoam™ Vs Latex mattress guide to help you decide which mattress is best for you. 

We’ll talk about:

  • What are the benefits of an AirFoam™ mattress?
  • What are the benefits of a latex mattress? 
  • Are AirFoam™ mattresses hot?
  • Are Latex mattresses hot? 
  • Conclusion 

What are the benefits of an AirFoam™ mattress?

One drawback that latex mattresses have is the price

What are the benefits of a latex mattress? 

  • Can be a more natural alternative to memory foam 
  • 95-97% natural latex mattresses are harvested from the rubber tree so shouldn’t contain a lot of chemicals (curing agents must be added to all latex mattresses, therefore, there is no 100% natural latex mattress)
  • Could offer support to all sleep styles 
  • Should sleep cooler than memory foam
  • Some can be customizable
  • Can be reinforced with reflex foam or springs
  • Can be easy to maintain 
  • Can be hypoallergenic and Eco friendly 
  • Can bounce back quicker than memory foam     

AirFoam™ mattresses start at just $499

Are AirFoam™ mattresses hot?

AirFoam™ mattresses are made of an innovative new mattress material that was years in the making. After painstaking research and development, AirFoam™ was born and offers superior cooling effects due to the breathability of the foam. AirFoam™easily circulates air through the mattress fibers to keep you fresh all night.  

Are Latex mattresses hot?

Most latex mattresses should offer breathability if it’s made with all natural materials. However, take note of it’s base, it could sleep hot depending on the materials. A coil spring support layer could offer more breathability than polyfoam. 


Dunlop latex is poured into a mold in one pour to result in a mattress that is firmer at the bottom and softer at the top. While Talalay latex is made with some additional steps and materials to result in less dense foam and constant feel throughout. Latex mattress fans appreciate the various levels of firmness.  

AirFoam™ equally offers customers a choice of firmness. Our Original 10" mattress comes in medium-soft, our Signature 12" in medium firmness, and our Evolution hybrid AirFoam™ mattress comes in plush, luxury firm, and firm. 

One drawback that latex mattresses have is the price, for many, paying over $6,000 for a mattress is not an option. Even with financing, paying for a latex mattress will take a long time and could be a more stressful purchase in the long run.   

AirFoam™ mattresses start at just $499 for a twin and $894 for a Queen. Therefore, is a much more cost effective alternative to a latex mattress. When you consider the affordability, cooling pressure relief, and advanced technological research and development behind AirFoam™, it plain to see why its consistently voted number one for side sleepers. 

For many, the price of a new mattress is a dealbreaker, you want affordability without sacrificing on cooling comfort. 

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