Five Tips to Relieve Stress Around the Holidays

Even though Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion, at this time of year seeing pumpkin in the supermarket is enough to launch anyone into anxiety. We can allow the stress of Thanksgiving shopping, cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving guests to get on top of us. Anxiety affects 6.8 million adults in America and panic attacks can strike at any time, even in bed! If you find yourself worrying excessively to the point where you are unable to complete daily tasks or constantly feel agitated and restless, check out our 5 tips to relieve holiday stress and enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration. 

Anxiety affects 6.8 million adults in America 

1 - Be Kind

The holidays are a time of generosity to loved ones, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Being kind to those around you during Thanksgiving creates a sense of community and warmth. It feels good to be of assistance to others but also be kind to yourself. Often you will find the people in your life do not want expensive gifts, they just want your time. Make that phone call or better yet, surprise them in person and let them know they are loved. 

2 - Sleep

If you find you are unable to sleep at night, this lack of sleep can trigger anxiety attacks. A lack of sleep negatively affects our physical health and our mental health. While visiting family, traveling, late nights around Thanksgiving are something we have to deal with, try to catch a nap where you can or grab that early night. Reducing screen time one hour before bed can help you relax and get to sleep fast. Make a point of jumping straight back into your normal routine as soon as the festivities are over. 

3 - Eat Healthy

When you are outside doing your Thanksgiving shopping and hunger strikes, go for the healthiest option you can find. Even fast-food joints have salads! Save that appetite for your Thanksgiving dinner when you can indulge for one day to your heart's content. This avoids the temptation to overeat. If possible, carry a protein bar or some fruit in your bag to snack on as you run around doing that last-minute Thanksgiving shopping. Ya, we see you!

4 - Set a Budget 

Spending money around Thanksgiving can be unavoidable, with the lure of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to splash out on before Christmas. However, set yourself a firm budget. To do this, sit down and make a list of your priorities. Be honest with yourself about what you need and can afford. Most of us spend hundreds of dollars on gifts for each loved one around the holidays. However, see point 1 on this list before splurging! 

5 - Don’t be Hard on Yourself

We can begin our Thanksgiving preparation and celebration with the best of intentions. Maybe we promise ourselves we will not miss our usual morning run or gym routine. Maybe we vow to not miss that hike. Then bam, your aunt Betty is refilling your glass for the fifth time, uncle Joe is handing you another slice of pie, and you are staying up way past your bedtime and your normal routine is out the window. Don’t worry about it, chill and enjoy your Thanksgiving, If you happen to overindulge, then do an extra hour of exercise as soon as the holidays are over because Nolah says so.