How to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving Guests

Preparing your home for Thanksgiving guests doesn’t have to be an arduous task. All it takes is a little preparedness, a checklist and a deep breath to get started. We all get a little anxious at this time of year with so much to do. There’s Thanksgiving dinner to shop for and then before you know it, it’s Christmas and you've got to do it all again! These helpful tips can take the edge off and ensure you have a blast this Thanksgiving. 

Tidy house tidy mind


When was the last time you had a good clearout? Decluttering the house can be a great motivator, a tidy house brings a tidy mind and decluttering is a great place to start in your preparations for Thanksgiving guests. Take one room at a time and start in the kitchen as this is where you need to make room for your groceries. Clear as much counter space for yourself as possible, a mix of vinegar and baking soda is a wonderful natural cleaning agent and can be used all over the house. Also, check how much cutlery and crockery you need. Once you’re happy with the kitchen, move onto the bedrooms and clear out any clothes not needed anymore. Donations to your local thrift store are appreciated at any time but especially this time of year. Decluttering is not about making space for new things, it's about creating a harmonious balance in your environment to be surrounded by what you love. Being overwhelmed by things can easily spiral out of control. Take a good look around and take back control of your environment, just in time for Thanksgiving.  

Make Lists and Shop

Shopping lists are essential in our Thanksgiving planning. They help us keep a clear head and focused on our goals. Check-in with your guests to ask what they like to feast on and for allergies to avoid. Then make a grocery shopping list, double-check any recipes you are using so you have enough ingredients. Make a list of any extra bedding, towels, bathroom essentials, household items and decorations you need. Hit the stores knowing you will stay in budget by getting only what you need.  

Thanksgiving is not about what you have, your loved ones just want to spend time with you.

Let’s Decorate

This is one of the super fun tasks, decorating the house for Thanksgiving and organizing the seating plan and table arrangement. Check you have enough space at the table, enough chairs, and crockery. You can navigate your house in the dark but your guests can’t. Ensure lighting is sufficient and all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors work.     

Expect the Unexpected and Chill

Unplanned drop-ins are bound to happen. Make sure you have extra nibbles and drinks to hand to welcome those impromptu party guests. Most importantly, chill. You’re supposed to have fun too! If you have a schedule in place and you’re organized beforehand, everything should run smoothly. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.