The Nolah Mattress

At Nolah Sleep, we believe in giving sleepers the absolute best rest to help prepare them for the many, many awesome adventures that come the following day. Our slogan makes it simple: Great Sleep for Great Adventures!


That sounds like the ideal situation to just about everyone we’ve met, but what makes Nolah different from other mattress companies that have the same idea? Nolah Sleep provides people with a technologically advanced mattress at an affordable price, which makes it a realistic, supportive, and comfortable purchase for nearly everyone.

The Nolah Mattress has three separate, unique layers that are created with the sleeper in mind. All Nolah mattresses are designed in Colorado and made in the USA!


The base of the mattress is strong and durable. The 6-inch-thick high-density poly-foam is stable but soft to touch.

Nolah Air-Infused Foam

This layer is the layer that makes the difference. Nolah’s proprietary air infused foam is 3 inches thick and is formed with microscopic air pockets that are not sensitive to temperature, giving sleepers a personalized shock absorbing cushion that keeps the body cool.

Goldilock Zone

This layer is just right, exactly how Goldilocks would prefer her bed for an afternoon nap! It is a thin layer, just 1 inch, that is created with Avena® support foam similar to latex. It is described as a medium-firm layer that gives people comfort without sacrificing support.

Perfect Cover

We complete the Nolah Mattress with a patented knitted cover that protects the mattress from wear and tear. The material is soft but tough, which is exactly what sleepers need for a night of great rest.

Many people don’t know that this mattress comes in a box, but it’s true! We’ll ship it right to the door in a nice, compact, convenient box.