Nolah Mattress Support Kilimanjaro Climb for Children with Autism

Here at Nolah, we love to give back and in our latest attempt to help those in need we decided to sponsor the legendary Kilimanjaro climb in support of Children with Autism. 

The climb was led by the experienced climber John Byington, organizer and Chairman of the CADE board (Children with Autism Deserve Education), a Minnesota nonprofit organization benefiting children with autism. 

John and his climbing crew, also consisting of, Ryan Esselman, Alyssa Deutschmann, and Michael Owusu-Afriye made the Kilimanjaro charity climb to support CADE with a total fundraise of $19,373! Nolah supporting only a small part of the full amount, but we're still proud to have contributed to make a difference for children with autism!

Nolah Summit flag

As part of creating awareness for the cause, we gave John a "Nolah summit flag" to use at the summit for photos! 

At the moment we're actively seeking for Nolah wildlife ambassadors that will help create awareness for Nolah's core charity cause - protecting our planet and it's wildlife. 

If you're an outdoors person, love wildlife, love our nature, participate in outdoor sports, action sports, climbing, hiking, mountain biking or anything else of activities in the great outdoors you too can help raise awareness for Nolah wildlife cause. All you need to do is to request a Nolah summit flag and bring it outdoors to shoot some awesome photos of yourself and the Nolah flag!


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