How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the way you sleep affects your health. Tossing and turning all night long trying to find the “sweet spot” and get comfortable usually leads to achy bodies, exhaustion, and sour moods come morning. Whether your sleep troubles come from outside influences or the less-than-ideal mattress you are making do with, the fact remains: your sleep is suffering.

“Great sleep leads to great adventures, and great sleep starts with the right".

Everyone has their preferred position to sleep in and while we change positions several times through the night, we can't deny we each have a favorite. There are several variations on positions that can be lumped into three broader categories: Side, back, and stomach. Each position has its benefits and drawbacks, each contributing to the quality (or lack thereof) of your sleep.

Back Support

Sleeping on your back with your arms at your sides is considered by many health professionals to be the best sleeping position because of its support on the spine and back. Your spine and neck remain straight while you sleep, though the downside to back sleeping is that it can lead to increased sleep apnea and snoring. This leads to you having a lower quality of sleep in general. This position can help with acid reflux as the stomach sits lower than the head, but for those of you that use thicker or more than 1 pillow, sleeping on your back can also impact your breathing due to the angle of the neck.

No Snoring on Your Stomach

Stomach sleepers enjoy the easement of snoring and sleep apnea, though that is about the only benefit stomach sleepers revel in. Neck pain is prevalent from having to turn your head for breathing, and then comes the back pain from the twist that forms in your spine due to turning your head. There is pressure on the spine, joints, and muscles that can lead to pain and numbness and can make breathing more difficult due to the pressure on the lungs.

Which Side Do You Sleep On?

The side sleeping position is generally considered to be the most common sleeping position, but the health considerations depend on which side you sleep on. This is the position that allows our bodies to clear out the metabolic waste that builds up while we are awake, which may reduce the instances of neurological diseases in humans. Side sleeping (on the left side) can ease acid reflux and heartburn and increase blood circulation through the body, which is why it's the recommended position for pregnancy.

However, side sleeping can also put pressure on stomach and lungs (alleviated by sleeping on your right side) and lead to the dreaded arm numbness. There is the potential for some muscle and nerve problems due to cutting off the blood flow to your arm and can cause back pain and eventually lead to long-term back problems. 

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Yes, The Mattress Matters

The most important things to bear in mind when shopping for a mattress are support, pressure relief, and comfort. Each sleeping position has different mattress requirements to properly provide those three things, but since people change positions during the night, finding a mattress that will support all of your sleep habits in the best way can be challenging.

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With financing available, free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and a whopping 120 night trial with a full refund if you aren't satisfied, this USA-made mattress lives up to its reputation and delivers on its promises of sleep quality. What have you got to lose but the aches?