Online Mattress Financing: Buy Now, Pay Later

Nolah makes shopping and paying for your new mattress easy with affirm financing. You have the comfort of sleeping on a new Nolah mattress for 120-nights with their free trial and you also have the comfort of mattress financing in small easily affordable payments.

Experience the convenience of mattress financing online with Nolah who makes the entire experience as easy as possible. Their mattress prices are some of the lowest online. There are times when we need to make a certain purchase but it’s just out of budget. That’s where affirm financing comes in.

It’s easy, secure but most importantly safe to finance your new Nolah mattress through affirm

A Comfortable 0% APR Mattress Financing Option 

It’s easy, secure but most importantly safe to finance your new Nolah mattress through affirm. 

With mattress financing online, enjoy a comfortable 0% APR rate. Meaning, you pay for your cozy new mattress in small easily affordable installments over 3, 6, 12, or 18 months. You can also pay in full during this time frame if you wish. 

Affirm uses advanced technology to safeguard your information and prevent unauthorized purchases. Therefore, paying for your new mattress with Nolah and affirm is as safe as using any bank to finance a purchase.     

How Nolah’s Mattress Financing Works (buy now pay later in 4 simple steps) 

Step 1. Add your Nolah mattress to the shopping cart,

Step 2. Choose Affirm as the payment option at checkout. 

Step 3. Apply, Affirm will give you an instant decision. 

Step 4. Complete your Nolah purchase with affirm and pay over 3, 6, 12, or 18 months. 

buy now pay later mattress gets you the cozy new bed you want in easily affordable installments


Is Financing a Mattress a Good Idea?

A buy now pay later mattress is a good idea. Making such a large purchase in one go often means you have to sacrifice something else that month. A buy now pay later mattress gets you the cozy new bed you want in easily affordable installments. Be wary of retailers who want to lock you into a contract for more than 24 months or charge massive interest. Mattress monthly payments are best paid off within 2 years. This is a reasonable amount of time, short enough so you don’t feel stifled but long enough so you don’t feel pressure from large monthly Installments for a mattress.

Will Financing a Mattress Build Credit?

Paying bills on time and prompt repayment of borrowed money builds good credit. The same can be said for mattress financing because it’s a credit facility to be paid overtime. A mattress payment plan that is honored on time is on record and could help to build good credit.  

What Type of Credit Do You Need to Get Mattress Financing? 

If you’re keen on a mattress payment plan no credit check or concerned with buy now, pay later bed bad credit, you’ll be glad to know that Affirm needs around 580 and up. Most users get approved from around 650 and up. For those declined or those users with bad credit, there is a Lease to Own option through Katapult. The LTO option is built into the Affirm checkout flow, thus, if you are declined, the LTO option automatically becomes available. The Lease to Own application does not require a credit check. 


Your comfortable new mattress is made especially for you and delivered straight to your door. Nolah will keep you informed every step of the way with a confirmation email and tracking code. affirm will also send you notifications on upcoming payments. Visit to manage your account. 

Mattress financing online is safe and convenient with Nolah and Affirm. The option to spread the cost of your mattress over time is a stress-free option for many people. When two trusted brands come together, you can sleep easy knowing your personal information is safe, you’re getting a great deal, and the payments are small enough that they won't keep you up at night. 

Now all you need to do is choose your Nolah mattress. Whichever you settle on, you’re in for some cozy, comfortable nights with easy mattress financing.