Why Use Organic Cotton Bedding?

Organic cotton bedding is a luxurious addition to any bedroom and goes far beyond comfort. Just like a quality new mattress can greatly benefit your sleep health, organic cotton sheets, and comforters offer solace to your mind and body. Organic cotton bedding can last longer so it saves you money in the long run. Upgrading your bedding to organic cotton is easy, cost-effective, and helps to create a sleep space you won’t want to leave. 

What’s so bad about conventional cotton?

Over 50% of the fabric needs in the world is cotton, with demand so high it’s no surprise that some cotton farmers impose some unscrupulous techniques to ensure a high yield of cotton to sell. This means that conventional cotton can be grown with the help of chemicals, pesticides, and harmful additives that are transferred to the final product that you sleep on all night. Sleeping on conventional cotton can aggravate allergies and cause skin conditions along with the suspect ethical values of cotton production, conventional cotton can be unhealthy and uncomfortable. 

Regular cotton production relies heavily on chemicals and dyes that are harsh on the skin

Picked with a gentle hand

Organic cotton is handpicked rather than relying on heavy machinery that emits toxins into the air. Being handpicked by a gentle hand ensures the cotton fibers are undamaged while regular cotton production is harsh and rushed to keep up with demand. The heavy machinery used in production often damages the delicate fibers resulting in a lot of wastage. The gentle process of organic cotton production safeguards the quality of every fiber along with being more environmentally friendly too. 

Gentler on the earth, gentler on you 

Conventional cotton farming begins with genetically modified seeds, created in a laboratory to resist disease and the elements. These seeds repel bugs but as the bugs get stronger, farmers must use stronger and stronger pesticides to battle the bugs. The harsher the cotton production the more chemical-ridden the final product. The soil is compromised by overproduction, therefore, depleting it of its natural nutrients that lead to sick and unhealthy crops. More water is also needed and wasted in regular cotton production.   

Organic cotton begins with natural seeds just as mother nature intended and rotated on soil that is allowed to retain its nutrients. More natural farming techniques are implemented such as using insects to kill any bugs that attempt to harm the cotton. Ladybugs are a great natural pesticide (and adorable too). The final product is one that is healthy, safe for your skin, and soft to the touch. 

Organic cotton is more cost-effective and durable 

Regular cotton production relies heavily on chemicals and dyes that are harsh on the skin. Along with being damaging to the environment, wasting so much water, and depleting precious fertile ground. Regular cotton is chemical-ridden despite the number of washes it receives before being sold. The toxins have been present from inception to product and will be worst felt by those who suffer eczema and other skin problems. 

Organic cotton is produced in a much more gentle way which does not mutilate the earth. Natural dyes are used and the entire process is kinder to the earth and the cotton plant. If you’ve ever slept on organic cotton sheets or rested your head on a pillow that is covered in organic cotton, you’ll know how calming and comfortable it is. Switching to organic cotton bedding is more beneficial to your comfort,  sleep health, and your wallet. With so much choice available online, it’s never been more easy to source organic cotton bedding at a reasonable price.