Nolah Adjustable Base w/massage

The adjustable base with all the features! Built-in head/foot massage, weightless Zero-G position, dual USB chargers and nightlight underneath the bed.

Split King is designed to fit two Twin XL mattresses


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Built-In Massage & Zero-Gravity Position

Everything the Nolah Adjustable base has with extra cool features! Our premium base is the perfect fit to your Nolah mattress with head and feet elevation, head/foot massage, zero-g setting, dual built-in USB chargers, a wireless remote with programmable positions and under bed lighting.

Head and Foot Massage

Enjoy a relaxing head and foot massage in three different intensities to let the day’s stress fly away as often as you want.

Zero-G and Programmable Positions

14 button wireless remote control with pre-programmed Zero-G, anti-snore and flat position along with three programmable positions, so you can find and save the position just right for you.

Dual USB Chargers

Charge your phone easy at night with built in USB chargers. Never again look for the missing charger – just plug in and good night!

Built-In Nightlight

Dim nightlight underneath the bed turned on via the wireless remote. Never again do you have to turn on bright light and wake up your partner to get out of bed.

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