A Core Balance Leads To An Active, Healthy Life

Balance. Life is all about it. Balance your home life and your work. Balance your checkbook. Balance your body while you walk, run, jump, skip, and play.

One can make a case that there is an element of balance in every single task of the day.

Here at Nolah, we’re trying to help you live the best days of your life. We recognize the importance of good health habits and an active lifestyle, and we want you to live #NolahDays for all of your years to come.

A healthy life revolves around all of the elements of balance listed above, but in the interest of not keeping you here all day, we’ll focus on the aspect of core body balance which can help improve your balance in many aspects of your life.

How To Improve Core Balance

Imagine a top spinning on a table. It only spins if it is balanced perfectly in the middle. Humans are very similar. The body’s balance derives from the core, that is the middle of your body.

Improve your balance by doing core workouts. Planks are a great exercise that works every muscle in your core. Yoga is another great form of exercise to focus your mind and body on the central elements that keep your body performing at its peak.

Why Does Core Balance Help My Overall Life?

A life that is well-lived starts with a healthy body. If your body can’t take you between home and work, there’s no element of balance left there. If your body is working too hard to keep your heart healthy, then your mind suffers. A healthy physical body creates a strong foundation for the other aspects of your life, allowing them to thrive.

Good health habits start with a strong core balance.

Keep it up! #FuelYourDays by working hard to strengthen your core and improve your balance. The rest will flow easily.