Nolah Signature 12"

Our premium AirFoam™️ mattress provides unbeatable pressure relief and packs in 75% more cooling AirFoam™️ than our Original 10" mattress. It also features a 20% thicker core base and a luxury organic cotton cover with a diamond pattern and beautiful ivory color.

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  • Free, contact-less shipping with FedEx
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Cooling pressure relieving AirFoam™
  • 120-night trial period and return

Nolah Signature 12 Mattress Awards

Best Soft Mattress for Pressure Relief

Sleep Foundation

Best Mattress for Back Pain


Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Best Mattress Brand

Best Soft Mattress for Side Sleepers

Sleep Junkie

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Mattress Clarity

Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia 2021

Slumber Yard

Try Risk Free for 120 Nights

In a mattress store, you get 5 minutes. With Nolah, you get 120 nights in the comfort of your own home.


Our Best Mattress for Pressure Relief

With 75% more of our premium pressure-relieving AirFoam™️ than our Original 10" mattress, the Signature 12" mattress is every sleeper's dream. This luxury mattress relieves pressure on the neck, hips, and shoulders to reduce nightly aches and pains while providing perfect spinal alignment and lumbar support.

① Cooling Luxury Organic Cotton Cover

For the 12” Signature mattress, we chose a premium organic cotton cover. It's soft, cooling, and wicks away moisture while looking lavish in its diamond pattern and beautiful ivory color.

② Plush Contouring Nolah AirFoam™

2.5" of plush AirFoam™ provides unbeatable pressure relief, keeps you cool, and contours perfectly to your body without trapping you "in the mattress" like memory foam.

③ Deep and Supportive High-Resilience Foam

Stronger and more durable than memory foam, this 1.5" support layer provides a healthy and responsive bounce to keep you sound asleep all night.

④ Firm Pressure-Relieving Nolah AirFoam™

This 1" layer of AirFoam™ has a higher firmness than the upper 2.5" AirFoam™ comfort layer. While the plusher foam gives the mattress surface its soft feel and gentle contouring, this firmer AirFoam™ layer elevates pressure relief. Without pressure points on your neck, hips, and shoulders, lying in bed will feel like floating on a cloud.

⑤ Reinforced High-Density Core Foundation

A 7" base reinforces the support and contouring of the upper layers. Crafted with the best high-density foam made in the U.S., the base is breathable, durable, and guaranteed to last for years. 

⑥ Premium Four-Way Knitted Border Cover

Made with sturdy four-way knitted poly-yarns, this premium border cover withstands the test of time. It also features a non-skid fabric bottom layer to ensure the mattress doesn't move on the bed frame.

Extra Thick, Extra Durable

20% thicker than our Original 10" mattress, the Nolah Signature 12" mattress is even more durable. Combine that with our Lifetime Warranty, and you'll enjoy years of superior sleep comfort, guaranteed.

Cooling Organic Cotton Cover

Our unbleached, custom-made, diamond pattern cotton cover is organic and free from harsh chemicals. The protective cover also wicks away moisture, keeping you cool all night long. It comes in a subtle and lovely ivory color.

See Why Our Customers Love
the Nolah Signature 12

All reviews below are from real customers that have reviewed their Nolah Signature 12 mattress.
Alexandra Smith
Verified Buyer

Best Mattress Ever

It feels like I'm sleeping on a giant marshmallow in the best way; I sink in just the right amount to be supported at all of my pressure points and I can truly relax. With my old mattress I would have a lot of blankets because I tend to be cold but then I would wake up in the middle of the night because I would get too warm, there was no winning. Now with this amazing technology I don't get too hot or too cold and stay asleep through the night. Also, as a caffeine addict, waking up and not feeling tired was something I didn't think was possible but now I wake up significantly less tired than I ever have.
Jade Gill
Verified Buyer

Dreamy mattress!

My significant other and I were both skeptical about buying a mattress online, but we are both very pleased with our Nolah Signature mattress! I wake up feeling well rested and not sore/stiff as with our previous mattress. We use the softer side of this mattress and it is still very supportive. The air foam keeps us cool and comfortable, without too much sinking into the mattress. I wake up less in the night and can’t wait to hop into bed at the end of each day. Great purchase for us.
Kim Hunt
Verified Buyer

The Ultimate Zzz catcher

We purchased the side sleeper Nolah mattress and so glad we went with this brand. Shopping online was a breeze and the mattress shipped when the company said it would. We can sleep in any position on this mattress and it feels really good. We've tried Sleep Number and love this mattress a lot better. I would say you get what you pay for. Great mattress, great night's sleep and waking up feeling refreshed.
Stephenie Rybarczyk
Verified Buyer

Didn’t know Nolah existed

I have never heard of Nolah, and I wasn’t even in the market for a mattress, but when I visited a friend’s house and laid on theirs, I was hooked in a split second! I bought mine 2 days later!
Lorri Quinn
Verified Buyer

Very Happy Camper Here

Easy purchase, early delivery and only a couple of hours of off-fuming. If you want a soft bed, this is it. No more back or hip pain. Love it!
Ryan Rogers
Verified Buyer

Perfectly Soft!!

I'm a side sleeper and bought a competitors brand which proved to just be too firm for me. Then I tried Nolah and it was just what I was searching for. The soft cover let's you feel the foam which is the whole point of getting a foam mattress. I do not overheat and the more responsive air foam makes it easy to change positions. When I climb into this bed it just feels perfect.
Haley McCarthy
Verified Buyer

A Must for Side Sleepers

Before Nolah, I was sleeping on a traditional pillow top coil mattress. That will never happen again. I'm honestly surprised at how noticeable the difference is. I used to wake up with tightness and sometimes pain in my shoulder from sleeping on my side but no more with Nolah!
Vincent Gravelli
Verified Buyer

Da Bomb

"I never !!!! Write reviews. My Nolah is amazing the feel , comfort support I love it sincerely I’m a retired Cop from NEw York City woth a lot of injuries this bed cradles me. It’s amazing a little softer but it’s awesome I heard of them from you Tube the slumber guys are truly comcicmg l love sleeping I. It. I am in a chronic state of pain and it’s elevated on my Nolah (. I have the 10 inch and 12 inch )without pain I’d go right to sleep. It is truly comfortable. I like foam beds but slumber you tube sold Me and that your concern for wild life. I think that is noble for your company. Z, your warranty ,I bought the extended warranty. I look forward to laying/ sitting in my bed The price was amazing. Easy too set up representative on the phone professional kind and knowledgeable I would highly suggest to anyone no questions I thank you Vincent gravelli New York City"
Christine Kemper
Verified Buyer

Love this mattress!

I love this mattress. I tend to sleep in a variety of positions, but I'm mostly a side sleeper. I think that with this mattress, I am waking up with less pain and I wake up less during the night and sleep more deeply when I'm asleep.
Jacob Wise
Verified Buyer

Excellent Bed for side sleeping

"I very much enjoy the Nolah Signature. I saw recommendations for the Nolah signature for side sleepers and I would agree. I feel that I am getting less pressure on my hips when compared to my last mattress. The Nolah Signature does sleep cooler than my old mattress, but it is not a cooling mattress. I wish it would sleep a little cooler, but I cannot complain too much. Overall, it is a very good mattress, and if you are a side sleeper, I would recommend it."
Anthoni Rossi
Verified Buyer

Absolutely the best bed I've ever owned

I have had issues with my lower back. I would constantly toss and turn on our old mattress. Since the Nolah, I have been able to sleep all night with out moving. The comfort is unbelievable.
Molly Sheridan
Verified Buyer

Best mattress I ever had!

"Super easy to order and I loved that it came in a box. I am so picky when it comes to my mattress. I got the softest mattress they had but it still has wonderful support. So comfortable!"
Todd Schaefer
Verified Buyer

Great for Side Sleepers

"I have tried multiple foam beds and they all had pressure points on my ribs and hips. The Nolah Signature seems to eliminate those pressure points and is much softer than other foam beds. My mattress was delivered to the wrong address and the customer service experience was also prompt and excellent in resolving the matter."
Lucinda Ogrinz
Verified Buyer

Lingering longer

Since getting my Nolah signature mattress, I sleep longer and even find myself wanting to linger in bed after waking. Also, even when I find it difficult to sleep, I am resting better and getting up with fewer sore spots.
Donna Till
Verified Buyer

Heavenly sleep

"We love our Nolah mattress. We sleep so well, often waking in the same position as we fell asleep. No more backaches. And we love the pillows too. The shopping experience was so easy and the mattress came in less than a week."
Jan Kapoor
Verified Buyer

Total body support

I love this mattress! I have it on the “soft” side, and it feels very supportive. The shopping experience was great; the website is very informative and helpful in making a decision on what would be best for my back.
Peter Gauvin
Verified Buyer

Good supportive foam

I have a hard time sleeping on anything. I am lightweight, and need a ton of support for my lower back, but I need pressure relief for my shoulders and hips. I love both sides of my Signature, but the firmer side actually supported me better, and it’s soft enough for my shoulders. My new favorite mattress! Thanks!
Tanya Hughes
Verified Buyer

Love it!

Very comfy. Like the softness. Happy customer. Soft, but supportive. It doesn't cave a lot in the center like traditional soft mattresses do.
Laty Jacobs
Verified Buyer

Dreams do come true

I've literally never slept better. My dog is a fan as well hahaha. Wonderful support and the comfiest bed I've ever slept on. I move alot and switch sleep positions from stomach to side to back and repeat and I used to wake up just from my own movements, not anymore! Thanks Nolah!
Corey Holder
Verified Buyer

I FINALLY sleep well

"First off, the shopping, delivery process was incredibly simple!!! I did not experience one hiccup throughout the entire process. As for the sleep I get now....I rarely wake up during the night anymore. I haven't woken up with ANY pain since getting the Nolah 12"" bed. I use to have a very difficult time falling asleep as well prior to getting this mattress, I'm surprised if I am NOT fast asleep within 15 minutes of laying down. I also received the Air Foam pillows with my purchase which are great, the cooling foam in them is amazing! Just enough support and plushness. The adjustable frame takes the Nolah bed to the next level. The Zero-G setting is the best when relaxing after a long day. The vibration (massage) feature is the ONLY feature that I don't feel is needed. A friend purchased a Sleep Number bed after I got my Nolah….you cant even compare the 2 beds, Nolah is a FAR better sleep experience, in my opinion. I honestly can't say enough good things about this bed. It's very affordable, incredibly comfortable and I actually sleep good now. This is a real customer writing this. I HIGHLY recommend getting a Nolah bed!! "
Leslie Heintzberger
Verified Buyer

Hip pain? Gone!

My right hip pain disappeared the first night. This had been a problem for me for several years so I was very surprised. As for the Nolah website I think it is as good as it gets. All of our questions were answered about every aspect of the mattress and the purchase. Nolah has been exceptional in every way and I would recommend them to anyone searching for a comfy nights sleep and a company that cares.
Melissa Hessert
Verified Buyer

Great for the Back!

I wake up refreshed and feeling like my back is lengthened while sleeping at night. I feel taller and my back pain went away. Love the Nolah!
Shannon Williams
Verified Buyer

Wide hips, small waist, best sleep ever!!

I move around a lot in my sleep, and like sleeping on my side best, but my hips are always sore in the morning, and I have to stick a pillow under my waist or I feel like I'm collapsing. This mattress has solved that problem. My entire side body is supported with no pressure points. I'm having pain free sleep for the first time since puberty, and waking up feeling great!
Myrna Blackford
Verified Buyer

Great ZZZZZZ's

Immediately felt my hip and shoulder pain disappear!
Kristina Sappenfield
Verified Buyer

New bed helps skiers back pain

This bed is awesome. After the first night sleeping on it I felt better. I woke up with no low back pain and just a little stiffness. The bed didn’t cure the low back pain but definitely reduced it by 95%. I also love the new pillow. I think that new pillow helped just as much. Less tossing and turning during the night. I’m a skinny, honey side sleeper and I highly recommend this bed if you are too.
Christopher Willard
Verified Buyer

Soft and cool.....

Very soft, supportive mattress. Prompt delivery. No more pressure on my shoulders and hips. Very comfortable sleep!
Emily Elkins
Verified Buyer

What heaven must be like

I love my Nolah mattress. I have had a select comfort for years and from day one could not get out of bed. This is truly the most comfortable, and cool bed I have ever slept on. I will also say that the customer service is Excellent!!!! Very helpful and takes care of any questions you may have. I would highly recommend this bed and the pillows. Now I can’t get my great nieces out of my bed.
Paul Nersesian
Verified Buyer

Why did I wait so long?

"Shopping experience=piece of cake! Am I sleeping better=100% Do I wake refreshed=100% Injured myself last year and had upper back/shoulder pain all throughout 2018. While it got better, it never went away. My wife, was also having the same back issues. We never wanted to “pay” for a new mattress because we were sleeping on a $3000 Temper Pedic mattress. We never thought the source of our continued back/shoulder pain could be our mattress. 1 month ago, after researching all the different mattresses out there, we pulled the trigger on a Nolah and it has been the best decision ever. I am mad I waited so long. All my back and should pain is gone. I wake up refreshed and completely rested. I sleep hot, and the mattress is significantly cooler than our previous one. "
Tara Merrill
Verified Buyer

Great Mattress!

We love the Nolah 12" mattress. We've had it for over a month and have never slept better. It's been a hot summer and the Nolah is definitely cooler than our previous mattress. It's great for side sleepers - no more achy shoulders. Also, we don't notice when the other one moves. Not sure if that's because we toss and turn less or because the mattress moves less. Shipping was great and hassle free.
Michael Richardot
Verified Buyer

Significant relief from shoulder and

Significant relief from shoulder and lower back pain.The mattress stays cool which enables me to sleep much better.I have always purchased premium quality mattresses and I can state unequivocally that my Nolah Signature is by far the best one that I have ever experienced. I received it promptly and was able to sleep on it the first night...
Martha Ireland
Verified Buyer

Great experience from the first phone call

Great experience from the first phone call through the set up of the bed. I certainly am sleeping better since I have been spending my night on a Nolah.
William L Brab
Verified Buyer

Great Sleep Starting at Day 1.

Shopping and purchasing experience was easy and hassle free, order arrived quickly and setup was simple.
Sigfrido Rodriguez
Verified Buyer


This whole process was the Best Experience I had with any online company in a while! The mattress is as described! The reviews are spot on! the Mattress Wonderful. From the moment we open that box to the very first night sleep all I have to say is KUDOS! thank you for an excellent product.
Iris Geist
Verified Buyer

Customer service is absolute top

I cannot write enough about the wonderful customer service of this company. I love that you have the time to test the mattress, which is solidly made and great quality, at home, to see how it works for your own sleep patterns. I contacted customer service twice for help, and each time they were the most responsive and wonderful to work with and got the issues resolved. A good product makes a good company, great service makes a great company!
Debbie Marshall
Verified Buyer

Fantastic Sleep!!!!!

This was so much more comfortable than I had is beyond my dreams. My husband & I both are sleeping so much better & our aches & pains in the morning are gone. I would have never imagined ordering a mattress sight unseen. This is truly an amazing, comfortable bed. The customer service answered all of my questions, every detail and were extremely polite & patient. Thank you for that. I 100% recommend this matress, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Use Nolah on Any Flat Surface

Use your Nolah Mattress on any type of bed frame such as box spring, platform, slatted base, foundation, or adjustable bases. If you use a slatted base or slatted box spring, the slats should not be more than 4” apart for optimal support.





Plush Comfort With Firm Support

Two extra-thick layers of Nolah AirFoam™️ and a high-resilience foam layer in between make the Signature 12" mattress our best mattress for pressure relief. The softer upper layer of AirFoam™️ creates cushioning comfort, while the high-resilience foam and firmer AirFoam™️ layer provide full-body support underneath.

Elevated AirFoam™ Benefits

Our Signature 12" mattress offers the same ground-breaking benefits as the Original, but with next-generation technology and the added luxury of a second AirFoam™️ layer. This all-in-one mattress sleeps cool, provides unbeatable pressure relief, and withstands years of wear and tear. It makes memory foam mattresses look and feel outdated.

Unbeatable Pressure Relief

Don't spend another morning with aches and pains exacerbated by a memory foam bed with insufficient support. The Nolah Signature 12" mattress features our proprietary AirFoam™️, scientifically proven to offer 4x times the pressure relief than high-end memory foam mattresses. With stacked construction and 75% more AirFoam™️ than our Original 10" mattress, our premium model offers even more support and is second to none for pressure relief.

Cool, Organic, and Beautiful

A premium mattress like the Signature 12" demands a premium cover, so we wrapped it in a high-end, luxuriously soft cotton fabric with a beautiful ivory hue. The breathable cover helps wick away excess moisture and keeps you cool and comfortable all night. It's also organic and free from the bleach and harsh chemicals used to treat conventional cotton.

Reinforced Durability

The Nolah Signature 12" mattress is 20% thicker than a standard 10" bed and reinforced with four-layer construction. It has additional edge support and resists wear and indentation, making it stronger than memory foam mattresses. Combine the durable design with our Lifetime Warranty, and you get an outrageously comfortable mattress guaranteed to last.

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Audrey B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Super comfy

Everyone is sleeping better

  • Sleep position: Side
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Partner
  • Age: 41
Tami S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Good Sleeping!

So glad we finally got a GOOD mattress. I have a lot of lower back pains and they’re gone after using this mattress. My butt doesn’t sink so far down that I feel like a “V” like with our last foam mattress. My husband gets up early for work and I barely feel it when he does.

  • Sleep position: SideStomachBack
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Partner
  • Age: 36
Tiffany P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best of Soft and Pain Relief

I have tried so many mattresses and have spent so much money trying to find good sleep. I’m in my mid-40s and have arthritis in basically every joint but I refuse to give up hard work outs and exercise. This mattress has changed my life.

  • Sleep position: Side
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Partner
  • Age: 45
Jennifer F.
United States United States
I recommend this product

If you are wondering if you should buy this bed.....BUY it!

I'm pain free for the first time in my career of sleeping!

  • Sleep position: Side
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Partner
  • Age: 49
Matthew M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Amazing what can come in a box!!

The bed is comfortable and cozy enough it can make getting up a bit harder. It's rounded sides and corners made it seem smaller and in measuring we found it was not quite an inch smaller both length and width than our old memory foam that had squarer, firmer sides. We ordered a softer mattress than the last one this time, but both give good sleep and leave us with fewer aches and pains. The shopping experience was fine and we got our bed in good condition. Several reviews mentioned a strong smell, ours rested for about a week before we used it and the first night I noticed a bit of a smell, but none since.

  • Sleep position: SideStomachBack
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Partner
  • Age: 68 & 70
Kevin A.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I love you Nolah. No, like for real.

I’m late to joining the foam mattress party, let me tell you I have missed out. My Nolah is the best thing I have ever slept on. I have recently traveled and stayed on some really nice hotel beds and nothing compares to my Nolah. I will never buy another mattress except from this company. Everything about it was great. Good price, fast shipping, easy set up.

  • Sleep position: Side
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Partner
  • Age: 36
Terry J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Such good customer service we thought they might tuck us in our first night.

We were looking for a mattress that was good for side sleepers and couples (better motion isolation) and the Nolah mattresses kept appearing in the 'top ten' mattress lists we were finding. We did our research, but we were hesitant to order a mattress online. I contacted customer support with a question, but honestly, we've had such back customer service/supply-chain issues ordering other things this last year, my question was a bit of a test to see how customer service responded. We got a friendly, personalized response back very quickly. So encouraging! I researched further to see which Nolah mattress would be best for us (I weigh 118 pounds, my husband weights 185 and we've both been getting and shoulder...him... pain with our old mattress) and as I dug deeper into the Nolah website, I also learned about the positive environmental aspects of selecting a Nolah mattress. SOLD! That tipped the scales and we decided to order one. We got a call from someone at Nolah shortly after. I was certain I was going to hear the delivery was going to be delayed, but it was someone calling to tell us that she is available to answer any more questions or concerns we might have as we wait for our mattress. It was like getting our own mattress buying concierge! The mattress (and two free pillows) arrived on time, we slept on it the first day we got it and just love it. It really could not be more perfect. We jokingly started to refer to our old mattress as our lifeboat during the pandemic lockdowns. Each night we made it safely to bed, was like arriving back at our lifeboat. With our Nolah mattress, we've replaced our lifeboat with a yacht. And customer service was so good throughout, we are frankly surprised no one from Nolah arrived to tuck us in that first night!

  • Sleep position: Side
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Partner
  • Age: 59
Nova B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Softest mattress is still too firm

Experience is easy but the mattress is hard.

  • Sleep position: Back
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Partner
  • Age: 39
Christopher L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Cannot say enough good things

I am someone who has been suffering w tremendous neck, shoulder, and arm pain for past two years. I've slept on six different mattresses. I was Mattress Firms worst nightmare w returns. I have had a purple prior to all my weird injuries and loved it. This mattress is on a completely different level.

  • Sleep position: SideStomachBack
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Alone
  • Age: 36
Dirk S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Has been a true hip saver. Best mattress ever

Fabulous. Very easy. Hip pain for years has gotten so much better after just a few weeks. Sleeping much better.

  • Sleep position: Side
  • Sleep alone or with partner: Partner
  • Age: 65

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