Tips To Get Started With Yoga

Yoga is a way of life, wisdom, and health. There are many different ways to practice yoga in order to enlighten and unify life; the most common practice in the United States is Hatha Yoga, a way to connect the mind and spirit through strengthening poses, regulated breathing, and internal cleansing.

Practicing yoga is one of our tips for better sleep. Yoga helps strengthen the core (which improves your balance) and quiet the mind. Interestingly, yoga is a great practice to prepare your body for sleep or awaken your mind for the day to come, which leads to a productive day and better sleep that night. We’ll focus on preparing for sleep.

An Easy Night Yoga Pose

The seated yoga poses are a great place to start when winding down from the day. Also, remember to check out these 7 most important yoga postures for relaxation.

Begin in the Accomplished Pose Siddhasana; start with your buttocks on the ground, legs crossed, and your hands resting on the tops of your knees. This is meant to be very relaxing, so if you feel any pain, modify your position until you are relaxed.

Close your eyes, and take deep breaths.

As you breathe in, imagine a string pulling the crown of your head higher toward the ceiling. When you exhale, push your sit bones into the ground. Focusing on these small movements as you sit in this position for at least two minutes will help you feel your breath moving throughout your entire body.

Yoga Basics has a wonderful collection of more seated yoga poses that are great to do before you go to sleep because the focused breathing helps to regulate and de-stress your body. The seated yoga poses help your body balance and stay grounded in addition to improving your flexibility.

We hope that yoga and our other tips for better sleep help you rest peacefully and regain the necessary energy you need to #FuelYourDays.