Hit The Hot Springs This Summer

There are few things more wild and natural than enjoying Mother Nature’s hot spring. A hot spring is a natural pool of water that is warmed by geothermal heat, that is from the earth’s inner layers. Most of the time, these springs smell like sulfur, but the relaxation that many people experience at hot springs makes the stench worth it. If you’re ready for a relaxing wilderness adventure, you need to visit these hot springs this summer.

Top Hot Springs In The World

Antarctica’s Deception Island

Head to the southernmost part of the world to experience a hot spring in the arctic. This spring, caused by the nearby active volcano, takes visitors through many different temperature levels.

Costa Rica’s Arenal Hot Springs

Sit and soak in 11 different spring pools in the rainforest below an active Costa Rican volcano.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Known for its healing effects, people flock to the Blue Lagoon to soak in the 100 degree Fahrenheit spring.

Turkey’s Pamukkale

Travel back in time to the hot spring surrounded by cloud-like calcium deposits that is rumored to have been a gift from Marc Anthony to Cleopatra back in the day.

United States’ Pagosa Springs

Finally, a hot spring close to Nolah’s home in Denver. We drive a few hours south to Pagosa Springs to visit this hot spring. The 23 quaint pools are surrounded by beautiful forest and are the definition of relaxing.

Are you ready to take your next wilderness adventure to a hot spring somewhere in the world? Since they stem from the earth, hot springs really can be found anywhere in the world. Look around on your next adventure, and you’ll be happy to find a relaxing oasis.