Are You Ready For A Cool Night’s Rest?

The heat of summer is definitely here. July was dry and blistering here in Colorado. It's not quite like this desert, but sometimes it feels that hot. How was it where you are?

Our outdoor enthusiasts are loving the sunny days as they conquer Colorado’s beautiful hikes, camp in the Rocky Mountains, white water raft down the raging rivers as snow melt is finally rushing through the canyons, and skydive over Colorado’s wide open plains.

There are a handful of weeks left of summer, and sometimes in Colorado, August is hotter than July. For the most part, I love the hot weather. The one time I don’t like feeling hot is while I’m sleeping. This hatred for sweating while I sleep is one reason we, at Nolah, dedicated much of our sleep technology research to creating a cooling feeling in our foam beds without adding those nasty chemicals.

Check it out.

What Is This Cooling Technology?

Have you heard of the mattresses that will circulate cool air through itself to give off a cooling effect?

This is nothing like that.

Instead, the foam’s proprietary construction includes many miniature air pockets that allow the heat from the body to escape. Instead of using more energy to work harder in order to produce a faux cool sensation within the mattress, Nolah gives the energy an escape path through the foam. We all remember from our high school science class that energy = heat, so it only makes sense to use as little energy as possible while looking for a cool sleep.

There is still time left this summer to take advantage of the cool Nolah mattress in a box.

Try It For 120 Nights

There’s nothing worse than trying to pick a mattress by lying on it in a store for five minutes. That’s why our team sells you the mattress with an 120 night trial. Sleep on our foam beds for 120 nights in your home. If you don’t like it; we’ll coordinate to have it picked up and give you a refund.

Give it a try.

You’ll be amazed at what happens next.