6 Essential Fall Activities for Adventure Seekers


Summer is over, all is lost, and adventures are only available in the videos and still frames taken months ago…

Not at Nolah!

We believe in adventuring all year long; despite the cold, the rain, the snow, the bare trees, the grey skies, and even the freezing ground.


Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a weekend warrior, or an urban athlete, there is something for everyone to experience while enjoying the fall colors and those last few adventures of the season.  



Try Mountain Biking

Yes, you can bike year round...but taking out a mountain bike to ride the local ski resort or some nearby trails  is a serene experience. The satisfaction of crunching all the red and yellow leaves on the trails, as you rush through the woods on a bike is not something you can get year round.


Take A Scenic Drive

Drive into the mountains, hills, or just around the city and take in the changing leaves and gorgeous views.

Even better…

If you own an off roading vehicle, find an unpaved path and discover something new.


Go Camping

Summers are filled with camping trips, but in the really warm summer months they can end up just being miserable sweaty body and  bug filled experiences. Fall means cooler temperatures, and cooler temperatures not only mean more comfort in a tent, but less bugs and their nasty bites.

Bring a coat and bundle up in a tent, or spend the night strung between trees in a hammock with a down sleeping bag. As long as you bring the right gear, camping in the fall can still be a toasty, comfy, and gorgeous adventure.


Have a Bonfire

a bonfire out by a lake at night

Take a hike into the woods and build your own fire pit, or go to a local beach or park with friends and use a community fire pit. Gather around with some hot chocolate, s'mores, and fun summer stories to help fight back the end of summer blues.


Take a Hike

Whether it is just a day hike or a full on backpacking trip, get out and enjoy the brisk morning air and keep in touch with nature.  


Shake things up!

  • Take a trail that you have never been on
  • Bring a blanket and a picnic lunch
  • Test out new equipment


Go Rock Climbing

rock climber out on a large rock

One of the best times of the year to rock climb is in the fall. Leaves fall and the greenery begins to disappear, making access to certain climbs easier. Not to mention the amazing views from mountain tops and canyon floors.

Make your trip even more exciting by taking someone who has never been and let them enjoy the stunning views from the top of some of your favorite climbs.