How to Ship a Mattress Safely & Easily (Without Spending a Fortune)

Shipping your mattress doesn’t need to be a difficult task. With a little organization and help, the process can run smoothly. Stress-free moving is possible, especially when it comes to large household items such as beds. Let’s learn how to easily and safely ship your mattress.   

How Should You Ship a Mattress?

Shipping mattresses can be done in a variety of ways from professional services to moving by yourself. 

Don’t move large items down a flight of stairs alone, having a buddy help will make it easier and safer. 

DIY With a Pickup Truck or Similar Vehicle 

If you’re shipping mattress across country, renting a pickup truck or large vehicle could be an option. Although, consider the costs involved in renting a truck. You’ll need to pay for the rental, insurance, gas, possibly take time off work, and move all the items by yourself. Although, the freedom you have using a rented vehicle could outweigh the costs involved. 

Rent a U-Haul or Truck 

Renting a U-Haul or truck often comes with helpful movers that will do all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is pack and allow your new friends to load the truck and unload at your destination. You also have the option of cleaning help so you won’t need to do any cleaning when you leave, making your moving and mattress shipping easy peasy. 

Hire a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company may seem like a big expense for shipping a bed and large items. However, since moving house has the same stress levels as getting a divorce, setting yourself an affordable budget for professional movers could be the better option for some. 

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Mattress?

Mattress shipping cost varies on the size of the mattress and the distance you’re moving. You could expect to pay $300+ including the cost of the materials you need to prepare the bed for moving. 

Is it Worth it to Ship Your Mattress? 

  • Do you find your mattress comfortable?

If your mattress is comfortable and you sleep great every night, with no aches and pains in the morning, moving your mattress is worth it. 

  • Is your mattress old and lumpy?

If your mattress has seen better days, it’s uncomfortable, and you’re not sleeping so well. It may be worth starting fresh in your new home with a new mattress. 

  • Are you renting a truck to move other furniture?

If you’re already renting a large vehicle to move other furniture, you may as well use it to ship mattresses too.  

How to Prepare Your Mattress for Shipping

Remove Bedding and Disassemble the Bed Frame  

You’ll need some items to help prepare your bed to be wrapped up before shipping. First, remove all the bedding and take this opportunity to vacuum the mattress, bed frame, and wash the bedding.  

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Allen key
  • A small bag for the screws
  • Large sheet of painter’s plastic to wrap the mattress 
  • Rope or moving straps to secure the wrapping

Measure Your Mattress   

Measure your mattress and bed frame so you know exactly what you’re working with, being prepared is half the battle when shipping a mattress or large furniture. 

Packing Your Mattress

Although some mattresses can be folded, It may be best for your mattress to pack it flat, especially if it’s made of foam. 

  • Wrap the mattress in painter’s plastic: 7ft for a twin, 8ft for a queen or full and 9ft for a king-sized mattress
  • Secure the plastic with a tape gun or straps 
  • Put the mattress on its side or in the case of foam, lay flat in the truck
  • The plastic will keep your mattress nice and clean 

How to Professionally Ship a Mattress

  • Remove all the bedding
  • Vacuum the mattress and bed base to it’s nice and clean for the move
  • Dismantle the bed base and keep all the small screws in a zip lock bag for safekeeping
  • Measure the mattress to be sure how much room you need in the truck

Find the Best Shipping Quote 

Before shipping a bed to another state via a moving company, have this information ready when you approach your chosen company for a quote. 

  • Contact information
  • Mattress dimensions & weight
  • Delivery address
  • Pickup address
  • Other items to be shipped 

Schedule a Delivery or Pickup

There are various methods to ship mattress but the beauty of using a professional company is the freedom it gives you to focus on other things, it eases the stress of moving because you know you have reliable hands on the job. You get to choose a time that is convenient for you at a price you can afford.  

Cheapest Yay to Ship a Mattress: DIY-ing It

  • The cheapest and best way to ship a mattress is to do it yourself, keep the costs down by borrowing a large vehicle from a friend
  • If you don’t want to buy painter’s plastic, you could use old sheets or blankets tied around your mattress to keep it clean during the move
  • Ask a buddy for help, they may have the tools you can borrow and help you do the heavy lifting
  • Never tie your mattress to the roof or bonnet of your car, this is dangerous and could cause a traffic accident if it comes loose on a busy road


Shipping a mattress is easy with a little preparedness and some help. Consider carefully if you want to bring your mattress to your new home. It could be more cost-effective to invest in a new mattress and better for your sleep health if your current mattress is causing you aches and pains. Moving into a new home is exciting, don’t allow the stress of packing and moving take away from the enjoyment of your new adventure. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Mattress?

Shipping mattress across country could cost $300+ depending on your chosen method. The best way to ship a mattress is to hire professional movers. Doing so will remove a huge amount of stress, all you need to do is pack and allow your friendly helpers to do the rest for you.  

How to Ship a Mattress

Shipping a bed to another state can be done in a variety of ways. You could hire professional movers, rent a U-Haul or truck, or as a buddy to loan you their large vehicle. Ensure you’ve wrapped the mattress in painter’s plastic and secured it with straps or tape, this keeps your mattress clean as moving trucks can be dusty.