King vs Queen Bed: Which Mattress Size Is Right for You?

When it comes to mattress sizesQueen vs King are both considered lavish choices because of their spacious comfort. They are widely available and at affordable prices but which one will provide you with the most sleep comfort?

There are a few things to consider when determining king vs queen bed pros and cons, such as the sleep space you’re working with, if you’re sharing the bed, your sleep style, and your budget. Let’s talk about the difference between king and queen size bed and which one is right for you.  And how to choose between a king or queen bed.

How Big Is a King Bed?

King Bed

Mattress Size


Ideal Room Size 


Total Sleep Area


Space Per Person 


Ideal For

A couple who enjoy plenty of personal sleep space and may have kids or a pet on the bed   

How Big Is a Queen Bed? 

Queen Bed

Mattress Size


Ideal Room Size 


Total Sleep Area


Space Per Person 


Ideal For

A single person who enjoys plenty of space or a couple who sleep close all night   

What Is the Difference Between King and Queen-Size Beds?

King Bed

Queen Bed 

Length: 80 Inches 

Length: 80 Inches 

Width: 76 Inches 

Width: 60 Inches 

Personal Space: 38 Inches Per Adult 

Personal Space: 30 Inches Per Adult 

Room Space Needed: 12x12ft²

Room Space Needed: 10x10ft²

Ideal For: Couples 

Ideal For: Singles or Couples 

King Vs Queen bed - Which is Better?

Is bigger always better? Maybe not. When it comes to Queen vs King size bed, a single sleeper may be swallowed up in a king size bed. The queen’s smaller dimensions may make a single sleeper feel more cozy and safe. There are many types of king beds with an equal number of queen beds on offer but what’s your sleep style? And what’s your budget? Are two important elements to consider as you shop. 

  • If you’re a single sleeper you will love the space and cozy feel of a queen bed
  • If you’re a single sleeper and may have kids or pets sharing the bed a king will provide ample space to relax in 
  • If you’re a couple who enjoy lots of personal sleep space a king bed will offer plenty of room
  • If you’re a couple who sleep snuggled like two kittens all night, a queen bed could be a good option 

Is a King Bed Better Than a Queen? 

That will depend on your personal preference and if you’re sharing the bed. A king bed provides 16 inches extra width but is the same length as a queen. A king mattress is 76”x80”, a queen is 60”x80”. Single sleepers and couples will find comfort in both but opt for the king if you need lots of space. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of a King Bed

The difference between king and queen size bed is the 16 inches of extra width the king has over the queen. A king bed will need more time to heat up so single sleepers may feel swallowed up. Couples who value a lot of personal sleep space may enjoy a king bed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Queen Bed

A queen can be considered a one person bed because it’s the perfect size for a single sleeper who loves plenty of space or may have a child or pet on the bed. A couple may feel cramped unless they sleep close all night. If you’re a couple with a child or pet a queen bed may not be adequate.

How Much Bigger is a King Than a Queen Bed?

A king and queen bed are both cozy choices but to get all technical about it, you gain an extra 16 inches in width with a king mattress over a queen mattress. A king mattress is 76”x80” and a queen mattress is 60”x80”, that may not seem such a big difference between them until you share your bed!

King vs Queen Bed: Which Is Better for Couples? 

When it comes to king vs queen bed pros and cons there’s no denying the luxurious feel of sinking into a large cozy king bed. As a couple a king bed is perfect, it provides plenty of space for both to move around in the night and allows room for a child or a pet to climb on board too. 

A king and queen bed can both offer superior comfort to couples depending on the couple’s sleep style. A queen bed for a couple may not be the best option as it’s 16 inches less width than a king. However, couples who are snuggled all night may enjoy the coziness of a queen. The added benefit of a queen bed for a couple over a king is how quickly it heats up, the bed that is!

What Is the Best Queen Size Mattress?

The best queen size mattress will fit your sleep space without taking over the room. A quality queen mattress will provide superior pressure relief, add cooling comfort to your sleep, be made of a breathable new mattress material, and will help you sleep through the night. 

What Is the Best King Size Mattress?

A king bed could be a luxurious option as it provides so much sleep space. The best king mattress should first and foremost provide premium pressure relief. Your new mattress should be made of the most modern materials and be an innovative design. For the best sleep comfort on a king mattress, ensure it’s made of breathable material so you sleep cool all night. A breathable mattress keeps fresh, prolonging its lifespan.  Also you can consider a king vs. california king size which is another option for those that have a narrower room size or are taller and need more length.

What Size Bed Should I Get?

Firstly, measure your sleep space, there’s no point in buying a huge bed that doesn’t fit your room. So get that measuring tape out. Secondly, what’s your budget? Always stick to your budget and never be pressured to overspend. Thirdly, shop online for your new mattress, you save money, get free delivery and easy returns.

Is a Queen Bed Good for a Couple?

Are you a couple who enjoy sleeping all snuggled up like two warm kittens by the fireplace? If so, a queen bed could be a cozy choice for you. A queen bed will also fit a smaller bedroom if you’re low on space, at 60”x80”, it has practical dimensions that could take your sleep health to another dreamy dimension!  

Other Options

When it comes to a full vs. queen size, a full bed could work if you have limited bedroom space. At 54 inches wide by 75 inches long, it’s petite size can fit into even the most snug spaces. However, if you have space, a queen will give a little more luxury and comfort. A full vs queen size bed has just 5 inches in length and 6 inches in width in the difference between them.    

A single twin bed is great for tight spaces at just 38”x75”. Smaller framed adults will find a single twin bed warm and cozy, and at just $549, a great cost effective option. If one double bed or ‘full’ bed is more your style, this will give you a little more wriggle room than a single twin bed at 54”x75”. At Nolah, a full bed starts at just $799, an affordable and premium option.      


A queen vs king bed will come down to functionality and sleep space. A king gives ample space for a couple but may swallow a single sleeper. A single sleeper in a king bed may also feel cold because it will take much longer to heat up. 

When choosing between a queen or king bed, take note of your sleep style, especially if you’re sharing the bed with a partner, kids, or pets. A starfish sleeper will require the ample space of a king bed while a side sleeper may feel cozy all curled up in a queen bed.

  • Measure your sleep space
  • Stick to your budget
  • Consider your sleep style
  • Consider who will be sharing the bed with you and their sleep style
  • Shop online and enjoy a trial with free delivery and easy returns