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  • Nolah Squishy Pillow + Pillow Cases

    The Nolah Squishy Pillow adjusts in firmness and feel, creating individualized comfort. The shredded foam inner chamber provides support and naturally keeps cool, while the outer chamber offers responsive cushioning. With a bamboo blend cover, it's the ultimate adaptable and cooling pillow.

  • Nolah Bamboo Comforter

    This light and lavish comforter keeps you both cozy and cool. Soft and airy, the Nolah Bamboo Comforter feels silky smooth on skin and boasts the temperature-regulating properties of bamboo. It's also antibacterial and durable, guaranteeing years of clean, cooling comfort.

  • Nolah Bamboo Blanket

    Plush, breathable, and hypoallergenic, the Nolah Bamboo Blanket makes the perfect addition to your bedding year-round. Bamboo fibers naturally wick moisture, keeping you dry and maintaining an optimal temperature throughout the night.

  • Nolah Bamboo Throw

    Forget fur that sheds and scratchy knits—bamboo makes the perfect throw for cuddling on the couch. With a fleece-like feel, the Nolah Bamboo Throw is cozy but breathable. The blanket also benefits from bamboo's naturally hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating properties.

  • Nolah Bamboo Mattress Pad

    Our soft, smooth, and durable cushioning pad brings a luxurious hotel feel to any mattress. Made with 100% viscose from bamboo, the Nolah Bamboo Mattress Pad uses eco-friendly materials to elevate your sleep.

  • Nolah Organic Cotton Protector

    Cooling, waterproof, quiet, and made to fit any bed, the Nolah Organic Cotton Mattress Protector keeps your mattress crisp, clean, and mite-free. This breathable cover won't trap heat or take away from your bed's cushioning and comfort

  • Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket

    The soothing Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket provides ultimate comfort for daytime relaxation and quality sleep. The glass microbead filling gives the blanket its weight, which helps calm the body and the mind. It features a double-sided bamboo cover that's cooling, breathable, and naturally antibacterial.

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