How Long Should my Mattress Last?

A new mattress can be an expensive purchase depending on where you’re shopping (online mattress stores can be considerably cheaper than physical stores) so in many cases, people put off replacing their mattress or it’s simply something they don’t think about at all. However, if you’re tossing and turning all night, unable to find a comfortable sleep position, and waking up with aches and pains, it could be time to invest in a new mattress that could be more beneficial to your sleep health and overall health. 

When to make a change? 

Your old mattress could be causing you back and shoulder pain, disturbing your sleep quality, and giving you nightmares! Many of us wait until we’re forced to get a new mattress when we’re moving state, or moving into a new home, etc. However, think about your sleep comfort on your current mattress, do you sleep soundly all night and wake refreshed? If not, it’s time to upgrade and improve your sleep health. Another strong indicator is the age of your current mattress. If it’s over ten years old, it could be time to upgrade, if your old mattress is uncomfortable, it’s time to invest in your sleep health by getting a new mattress.  

Memory Foam mattresses are typically known to lose what little support they have within one year of use

The longevity of your mattress is determined by the materials used in its construction. Although Memory Foam mattresses are popular and have been around for decades, their longevity is questionable because of the heat-trapping chemicals used in Memory Foam. As you sleep on a Memory Foam mattress your body heat is absorbed and has nowhere to go, so it stays in the mattress. This trapped heat not only makes you feel hot and sticky, but it also makes the Memory Foam mattress mailable and unresponsive to your movements. This is often referred to as Memory Foam ‘sinkage’, hot and uncomfortable holes that you slide into all night. 

your new mattress must be strong enough to see you through both work and playtime

Memory Foam mattresses can lose what little support they offer within just a couple of years of use. Sooner or later, you'll feel your mattress sag and want a replacement.

Innerspring, Pocketed Coils, Polyfoam, and some Hybrid mattresses can have the same disappointing results. If you sink deep down into your mattress and don't feel any spinal support, it's time for a mattress made with more advanced technology and higher-quality materials.

Unfortunately, many mattress retailers are not forthcoming about the materials used in their products

After all, Innerspring mattresses have been around since the 1870s, Memory Foam since the 1970s and Latex mattresses since the 1930s. Although Hybrid mattresses are relatively new in comparison, they still rely heavily on Memory Foam as their main material. Bedroom habits have changed since those early years when a mattress was just slept on. These days we enjoy our bed so much more than those who have gone before us, in the 1800s you got up early, worked hard all day and went to bed at midnight, it was all work work work. Thankfully these days are more about fun fun fun (work-life balance) therefore we’re more likely to chill under the duvet in bed enjoying Netflix in our down-time. Therefore, your new mattress must be strong enough to see you through both work and playtime. 

Is your mattress retailer forthcoming about their materials?

Unfortunately, many mattress retailers are not forthcoming about the materials used in their products. Do a search on their website for ‘What is your mattress made of?’ and ‘where is your mattress made?’ and you’ll most likely be greeted with zero search results. Be wary of mattress retailers who are not 100% upfront about the materials used in the construction of their products. It’s a huge red flag to not only their quality of products but to their consumer ethics. If they don’t want you to know what’s in their mattress or where their mattress is made, how can you trust their claims that the mattress is built to last?

Mattress Type 




  • Reasonable Price
  • Widely available 
  • Doesn’t prevent motion transfer
  • Short lifespan
  • Minimal support
  • Outdated 

Pocketed Coils 

  • Slightly more comfortable than innerspring mattresses
  • Could prevent little motion transfer
  • Widely available 
  • Support could be shortlived
  • Can contain Memory Foam
  • Outdated 


  • Some may enjoy the bounce factor 
  • Widely available
  • Contains Memory Foam
  • Materials and construction can be ambiguous
  • Extremely expensive
  • Support could be shortlived


  • Could sleep a little cooler than Memory Foam
  • Widely available
  • More expensive than other mattress materials
  • Some may be allergic to the latex


  • Reasonable Price
  • Widely available 
  • Contains heat-trapping chemicals 
  • Minimal support
  • Outdated

Memory Foam 

  • Reasonable Price
  • Widely available 
  • Contains heat-trapping chemicals 
  • Typically loses buoyancy within 1 year of use
  • Support could be shortlived
  • Outdated


  • Made without the heat-trapping chemicals of Memory Foam
  • 300% more durable than Memory Foam
  • 4 times greater pressure relief than Memory Foam
  • Sleeps Cooler because it’s made with a modern breathable AirFoam™
  • Comfortable for every sleep position, particularly side sleepers
  • 120-night free trial  
  • Doesn’t deliver to Alaska or Hawaii 
  • Available only online 

When shopping for a new mattress online we all want quality at a reasonable price. Don’t be fooled into believing that the more you spend the longer your mattress will last. Ensure your new mattress is made from quality materials from a reputable mattress retailer. If possible, avoid physical mattress stores because these are high-pressure zones where you could be forced to overspend. Find an online mattress retailer who offers at least 100-night in-home trial. This way, you get to try the mattress in the comfort of your own home. Rather than buying outright and realizing later it’s not for you. Physical mattress stores inflate the cost of their mattresses and even charge for delivery in many cases. A reputable online mattress store should offer a free trial along with free delivery and return. Also, check the warranty before you buy, you should get at least 10 years warranty. This is something to be mindful of when shopping for a new mattress and considering its longevity.

How can I increase my mattress lifespan?

  • Don’t let kids bounce on the bed
  • Rotate the mattress every so often to ensure you’re making use of every square inch
  • Use an adequate bedframe, if slatted, make sure slats are no more than 3 inches apart and are sturdy enough to not make the mattress sag
  • If using the mattress in the floor, remove covers and stand the mattress on its side to ventilate every so often
  • Use a mattress protector to keep it clean from dust, skin flakes, body oils, and moisture
  • Use a dust ruffle
  • Don’t let pets under the bed (they could tear the mattress) 
  • Keep your bed clean by vacuuming underneath and especially in the tight corners
  • Clean any spillages immediately 

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